01Схема туннеля

Customer Journey

4 billion users in the messengers
See your ad on the Internet
Subscribe in one click via your favorite messenger
Leeloo.ai turns cold traffic into regular customers
01Tunnel Scheme

Customer Journey

The most effective way to turn an Internet user
into a regular customer looks like this

4 billion messengers users globally
See your ad on the Internet
Subscribe in one click
via their favorite
Leeloo.ai turns cold traffic into long-term buyers
In January 2018, the number of messengers users reached 4,021 billion people (the global population is 7,6 billion). It increased by 7% in a year, according to Global Digital 2018 report by We Are Social and Hootsuite.
Internet marketing includes up to 20 different tools and advertising channels. All promotional materials can be divided into three large groups: text ads in search results, contextual flash banners and advertising posts on social media.
We have developed a simple and effective lead generation tool (LGT) that paves the way for the customer towards the sales tunnel.
The users get into the sales tunnel, the system enters their data (name, surname, messenger, etc.) into the customer card. Then Leeloo.ai turns cold traffic into regular customers using chatbots, smart blanket mailing and other lead nurturing content.
02Company Key Figures

Technology of the automated customer journey through the messengers was tested on

people subscribed to our clients’ tunnels
spent on advertising campaigns
audience coverage

(using digital advertising channels)

unique ad clicks

by advertisements

people subscribed

to Leeloo.ai tunnels


were made due to our technologies

businessmen and marketers

use our platform

More than 20.000

support subscribers of the system

04 Functional

Everything You Need on One Platform

Sales Tunnels

A functional module of sales tunnel Leeloo.ai allows to fully automate the entire customer’s journey from the first click to getting automatically useful content, paid chain offers and all actions that turn cold subscriber into a buyer.

Conditions for Sending Information

You can set the time and conditions under which useful content, notifications, payment buttons are sent to the user. If a tunnel is fine-tuned, you can automate communication with the client (including sales).

Payment Systems Integration

33. You can integrate our platform with payment systems which allows your customers to make one-click payments. It increases sales conversion rate.


This module gives you an opportunity to create a payment form and bind it to any button in messages quickly. You don’t need any technical skills. Top system and wallets are included.

Lead Generation Tool Builder

Mini landing pages, widgets, forms, and other tools for subscribing to chatbots have only one screen and are optimized for mobile devices. Users can subscribe via favorite messenger in one click without entering their name and email, and you get a conversion rate of up to 82% from cold traffic.

Mini Landing Page in 30 Seconds

Due to lead generation tool builder you can connect your chatbots without hiring programmers and get a subscribe page ready to convert its visitors into subscribers effectively.

Real-time Editing

After installation all the tools are edited in real-time in the Leeloo.ai account.

Performance Analytics

42. The module is integrated with end-to-end analytics, which allows you to track the effectiveness of each source of advertising without third-party services.

Offer Builder and Receiving Payments

Connect payment systems quickly and without technical skills and start receiving payments from customers through messengers. You can also automate the accounting of cash based transactions due to CRM connection with a system of cash accounting.

Payment Buttons

The offer builder allows you to create an order payments page in a couple of clicks and send buttons to subscribers through the messenger.

High Conversion Rate

All offer pages are adapted for mobile devices for maximum conversion.

One-Click Payments

Thanks to card tokenization technology, the customer's payment data are saved and used for the next purchase, which allows to accept payments in one click and receive recurring payments as well.

CRM for Maximum Control over Your Business

Built-in CRM system allows the sales department to conveniently manage the database of subscribers and lead them to the purchase without need for any integration with other services.

Customer Card

All the necessary information about a prospective buyer: phone number (integrated with IP-telephony), history of orders and payments, the source of the subscription and more.


Helps to easily sort your customers by their status, source of traffic, orders, tunnels, sales plans, messengers, phone number and credit card information availability.

Integration with Sales Plans

Sales plans combined with Leeloo.ai CRM allows you to equally distribute the applications between managers and organize their work for maximum efficiency.

04All-in-One Toolkit

Platform Functions

All the tools you need to turn cold ads into buyers on one platform


To our experience turned

Leeloo customers.ai has become more than 5200+ businesses, entrepreneurs from Instagram stores and educational projects to large international companies, selling B2B and B2C products, services and services

Old Bailey Solicitors
Old Bailey Solicitors
Old Bailey Solicitors
Old Bailey Solicitors
05The voice of the customers


Why more than 5200+ entrepreneurs and marketers chose leeloo.ai to automate online sales?

Why more than 5200+ entrepreneurs and marketers chose leeloo.ai to automate online sales?

Ruslan Hyliazov

Ruslan Hyliazov is sharing achievements of his company "MozgoBoinia" in the interview with Ukolova Katerina.

Aleksei Voronyn

"Business Youth" partner. Creator and narrator of business-course "Billion for million". Four higher educations including Executive MBA.

Taras Levchyk

Leeloo.ai case - educational sales tunnel for trading with China

Viacheslav Burdiukov

"NerabocheeMesto" representative

Viacheslav Lashkul

Lotto Sport Ukraine representative about Platform Leeloo.ai




Leeloo.ai platform is created by a team of entrepreneurs and marketers for entrepreneurs and marketers

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